Rwanda 2016 – Day 2: Kigali

On 24th of July, we arrived at Amsterdam airport after about 10.5 hours of the first flight. There we had about 1.5 hours of a layover and the Itara team was at it again!


We finally arrived at Kigali airport after about 8.5 hours of the second flight. BFR staff members greeted us and we were treated with roses and lollipops. It sprinkled little bit and they all told us it meant we brought good luck with us. We all had 2 oversize suitcases filled with mission material and a carry-on. That’s total of 36 suitcases to load onto a pickup truck. Kudos to BFR staffs!




It was almost 10 by the time we got down to the restaurant after checking in and putting suit cases to each room. We were so thankful to God that none of us got sick and arrived to Kigali safely. And the dinner time!



After the dinner we had a session for testimonies and sharing, and announcement for tomorrow’s plan.


It has been a long day and time to go to bed …

(July 2016)

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