Rwanda 2016 – Day 4: Kinyinya

On 26th of July, we went to Kinyinya for a full day of mission work. We were blessed to have 4 classrooms available for us.

Dental and medical teams have decided not to focus on how many patients they treat although they will see as many patients as they could. Instead, they wanted to bring spiritual healing and confirmation of faith by praying for each patient after a treatment. Physical healing is limited to the patient. Family members may appreciate it. However, we believed the spiritual healing would bring the entire family members, and possibly neighbors, to realize how great the Love of God is! At the end of the day we might see one less patient but the impact of sincere loving and caring prayers would be enormous especially when the Holy Spirit, the Counselor and Helper, works alongside with us.

Patients were limited to BFR kids and their immediate family members. However, there were some people started waiting from early morning to see if they can get in.


Sterilization station for dental instruments was manned by a BFR staff after a training session. The processes consist of pre-wash, ultrasound cleaning to remove particles, and pressurized steam sterilization for the final disinfection. Handlings of instruments in each stage were meticulously controlled to eliminate any potential of cross contamination.


The portable dental chair’s height cannot be adjusted easily once set. Therefore, the dentist had to adjust his sitting height which made the processes more difficult.


The portable dental system had some problem with irrigation that was supposed to work with the pneumatic handpiece. Hence, the water had to be manually sprayed by another person.


Praying for the patient after treating a cavity with a help of an interpreter.


Medical team had set up three stations: triage, examination, and pharmacy. Each patient was asked about symptoms, and tested for weight, temperature, and blood pressure.


Then the doctor would ask further questions about the problem and examine the patient.


Prayer and hugging deeply moved patient’s heart. Some patients prayed for us despite of their dire situation. We all experienced and witnessed Holy Spirit’s presence.



Pharmacy dispensed medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. OK, I am ready, send the patients over.


As time went by, there were more people waiting. We had to announce a bad news that there will be time for only 2 more patients. They had talked amongst themselves and adults gave up their seats for 2 sickest kids. Parents do think in the same way!


Education team was able to start classes almost right away with younger kids. The first was the arts and craft class doing some coloring and assembling picture frames. Every kids will have their picture taken and it will be mounted on the frame they made.



Science class was doing volcano experiment and it was wildly popular.


Soccer clinic was divided into two groups, one for smaller kids and the other for not so small kids. After a bit of kicking and running they were tired. So, let’s talk about how great our Lord is.



They all got goody bag filled with framed portrait, crayons, candies, gums, toothbrush and toothpaste at the end of the class.



(July 2016)

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