Rwanda 2016 – Day 6: Gikondo

On 28th of July, we went to Gikondo. Gikondo is another sector in Kicukiro District and is about 7.5 miles west of Nyarugunga. BFR rented a 3-bedroom house and made it as its headquarter. We rearranged desks to accommodate both dental and medical teams inside of the house.







However, there was no covered space for the education team and they had to go to the backyard. The sun was high and there was no shade. And the day was the hottest one, so far. But kids were doing just fine. There were most high school kids in this branch and they had fun, too!



And the volcano experiment had many wow moments.


By the break time there was finally shady spot between the house and fence.


Kids were entertained by violin and guitar after the break.


Soccer coach brought famous player’s jerseys and gave one to the best player from each branch. The Gicondo kid had put that jersey on and showed off his tricks.


Older kids started an impromptu dance party. We called the dance sequence as ‘Thossa Thossa’ since they were all chanting that phrases while dancing. We asked the meaning of it and they told us it did not mean anything. They just made it up! But it sure generated lots of excitement and fun.



(July 2016)

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