Rwanda 2016 – Day 7: Bugesera

On 29th of July, we visited Vineyard Christian School in Bugesera. Bugesera is a District in Eastern Province and located directly south of Kigali (or Central) Province. The school was founded by an American couple. They were high school sweet hearts and devout Christians. Serving God as a family and loving others became their passion and a priority. They served in many short-term missions domestically and internationally. They realized their relationships with each other and with Jesus had been strengthened through those mission works. In 2014, they came to Rwanda for a friend’s wedding and visited Bugesera. They learned that the government had gifted this village with land for a school. After returning home to the US, they prayed and felt led to do something. They had a yard sale and raised enough funds for the school building. They knew that this was only the beginning of their involvement. With each step taken, God has proven Himself faithful. They have watched God work in miraculous ways to provide for the people of this village. There are currently over 400 children attending the school with 10 paid teachers and staffs. Visit Under His Umbrella (UHU) for more information about their amazing testimonies and project updates.

The founders of the HHOA had met these wonderful UHU people during the mission trip last year. And promised to visit them and provide some dental and medical care for children this year. So, here we came! We were greeted by UHU folks.



Status update by UHU folks.


UHU was running Sewing Program to instill self-dignity and independence to the caregivers of the community while feeding kids. Moms were working with their product displayed proudly. GCFC would like to see their Itara program to get to this point, pronto.



School was in summer (technically winter) vacation but kids were in for special activities and medical care. We visited each classroom, and met them wearing big smile and clean uniform.



Since there were at least a couple of hundred kids, prescreening was necessary for dental care. And we prayed for each kid after the necessary treatment.





Worm pill and one-month supply of multivitamins were given to every child.



Many kids were sick. Doctor’s hug and prayer added the love on top of the proper medicine. We sincerely hoped they were touched by God’s Love.


Education team fit right into the classroom.



UHU folks’ children were also playing with kids.



(July 2016)

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